Natural Sounds Gold (Multiple Versions)

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You will get these downloads:

Natural Sound Gold  

- Album Version - 2.4hrs. High Quality .WAV and .MP3

-16 individual short tracks (MP3 and WAV in 2 .ZIP)

-16 individual 11 hour long tracks (.MP3)

-2.4 Hour album (video version)

***Bonus*** Download all in one .ZIP!

Included nature sounds:

Waves 11 hrs.

Gentle Stream 11hrs.

Birdsong 11hrs.

Thunderstorm 11hrs.

Rain Forest 11hrs.

Tibetan Healing Sounds 11hrs.

Night Time sounds 11hrs.

Cave 11hrs.

Dolphins 11hrs.

Waterfall 11hrs.

Rainfall 11hrs.

Wind-chimes 11hrs.

English Garden 11hrs.

Jungle Sounds 11hrs.

Choir Garden 11hrs.

Beach Sounds 11hrs.

+Nature Sounds Gold Album Version 2.4 hours

Watch them all on YouTube:

Waves 11 hrs:

Gentle Stream 11hrs.:

Birdsong 11hrs.:

Thunderstorm 11hrs.:

Rain Forest 11hrs.:

Tibetan Healing Sounds 11hrs.:

Night Time sounds 11hrs.:

Cave 11hrs.:

Dolphins 11hrs.:

Waterfall 11hrs.:

Rainfall 11hrs.:

Wind-chimes 11hrs.:

English Garden 11hrs.:

Jungle Sounds 11hrs.:

Choir Garden 11hrs.:

Beach Sounds 11hrs.:

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Natural Sounds Gold (Multiple Versions)

8 ratings
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